Crafting Mecanim Animation Pack

Crafting Mecanim Animation Pack


An extensive and comprehensive pack of 131 crafting animations, setup as a Mecanim Humanoid so you can easily swap in your own character in, with full 5 finger hands to accommodate high detail models.

The crafting actions in the pack include hammering, chopping, digging, fishing, sawing, eating/drinking, gathering, carrying, climbing, pushing, pulling, painting with more added upon request. Also includes low poly tool models. 


Some models with different proportions or joint orientations will have difficulty holding 2 handed objects properly. To help correct this, there's an included CrafterIKHands.cs script and example video:


Update v3.9: Add Item-Slash-Horizontal and Vertical animations. Export climbing animations with proper root motion. Optimized some code and fixed misc issues.

Update v3.8: Improve CrafterIKHands to automatically start and stop on relevant animations/objects.  Fix Materials for URP.

Update v3.7: Fix bugs, remove finding Gameobjects on startup. 

Update v3.6: Add NavMesh navigation support.

Update v3.5: MAJOR - Switch all Animator Triggers to be based off "Action" int with TriggerNumber = -1 for merging with RPG pack. Create Prop based Avatar Mask for Carry and PushPull animations. Break scripts into multiple components. Add animation events to animations for all animations.

Update v3.4: MAJOR - Update to Unity 2019.1.0b8. Add InputManager.preset. Change Animator to support directional walking, global animation speed value, remove Running bool. Reconfigure code, add layer blending for item and carry animations. Re-exported animations with motion tracking and meshes removed for smaller project space. Adjust walk and run animations, remove Root motion variations and make all translation animations contain root motion. Move GUI functions into main controller.  Add proper spearfishing Start and End animations. General organization and Animator tweaks.

Update v3.3: Update to Unity 2017.4.31f1.

Update v3.2: Fix issue with root motion not being properly set with certain actions. Fix cart release animation.

Update v3.1: Add spearfishing animations. Add Root Motion (RM) versions of translation animations back in.

Update v3.0: Add crawling animations and generic item use.

Update v2.9: Switch to physics driven character movement. Add laying down and sleeping animation.

Update v2.8: Add requested diagonal Walk animations.

Update v2.7: Re-export all animations without mesh data.

Update v2.6: Add Cart animations, painting animations, kneeling and hammering animations, chiseling animation, carrying animations, throwing animations.

Update v2.5: Add requested Praying and Fear animations.

Update v2.4: Add requested Pickup Overhead walk.

Update v2.3: Add requested Pickup Overhead animations.

Update v2.2: Added Lumber Item with associated animations.

Update v2.1: Added requested Kneel Gathering animation.

Update v2.0: Added 4 requested Cheering and Waving animations.

Update v1.9: Added requested Upper Body animations for Chopping, Eating, Drinking, and Pickaxing.

Update v1.8: Added _S versions of all translation animations.

Update v1.7: Added requested WalkBackwards, WalkLeft, WalkRight, and Jump animations.

Update v1.6: Added Climb Down From Top animation.

Update v1.5: Added IK Hands script to help hand placement when retargetting animations.

Update v1.4: Added climbing and push-pull animations.

Update v1.3: Added 6 new requested animations.

Version 1.2: Added 1 new requested animation

Version 1.1: Added 9 new requested animations and 3 new tools 

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