How do I import the assets into Unity?

If you didn't purchase the asset on the Unity Asset Store, this is the method to add it to your Unity project.

There's a bunch of errors when I import!

You will see a bunch of import warnings that look like: File 'RPG-Character@Animation-Name' has animation import warnings. See Import Messages in Animation Import Settings for more details.  These only show up the first time the animations are imported and don't have any further effect upon the project.  This post on the Unity Forum describes the reason for these warnings.

Can I use the FREE assets in commercial products?

Yes you can.  There's no requirement to link or credit the animations, but it would be nice.  :)

Can I use your animations in first person?

The animations were not created to be viewed from first person and are not recommended for use as such.

What are the differences in the RPG Character Pack and the Warrior Packs?

The Warrior Packs are individual animation sets that are not designed to be combined together, or combined with the RPG Pack. Many of the attack animations in the Warrior packs contain Root Motion to move the character during the animation.

The RPG Pack is a set of connected animations in which all the attack animations were created so the character moves minimally during the attack and returns to the same starting position.

The animations in the RPG Pack were created independently of the Warrior Packs, aside from some of the Two-handed Spear animations and some of the generic idle type animations. 


Do you do contract animation?

I'm not currently taking any contract animation.