Top-Down Cartoon Dungeon Tileset

Top-Down Cartoon Dungeon Tileset


Top-down Cartoon Dungeon Tileset

The Top-Down Cartoon Dungeon Tileset is a grid-based, lowpoly building block prefab set to quickly and easily build great looking cartoon styled, top-down dungeons for your gamedev projects.

The set includes 80+ pieces, walls, floors, columns, edges, chasms, to create endless layouts, all mapped with a shared 1024x1024 diffuse texture for material batching, and also with a custom shader for banded lighting. Included are collision geometry pieces already setup in the prefabs.

All the components are highly optimized making it a great choice for mobile development as well.

- 80+ Different Pieces
- Collisions Setup in Prefabs
- Custom Shader
- Example Scenes