Scifi Objects Pack


The Sci-fi Objects Pack consists of 120+ low poly, textured game assets ready for you to use in your game dev projects. These objects range from mainframes, medical equipment, piping, storage, crates, barrels, computers, electronics, containers, cargo, machinery, etc...and all are highly optimized for mobile platforms.  

The models come with 2 shared diffuse textures for dynamic or static batching, and some of them are also animated.  The piping models are all based on a 1m unit grid for easy instantiation in the editor.

For every model there are 2 different versions of prefabs, one with vertex alpha geometry shadows, along with a custom mobile shader, and one without to be used for forward or deferred rendering.  All are pre-setup with colliders.

Now included are light rays, explosion effects, blast craters, and destroyed versions of the objects, all set up in the prefabs!



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