Weapons Effects and Sounds Pack


Looking for a complete set of low poly weapons to add to your game project? The Weapons, Effects, and Sounds Pack contains everything required to get weapons firing, projectiles flying, explosions exploding, and sounds....sounding!

The pack includes the following:

  • 12 low poly weapon models that all share the same texture for efficient dynamic batching
  •  projectile and shell casing model effects
  • hit effects for each of the projectiles
  • 3 grenade models also sharing the same texture
  • 3 ammo pickup models with animation
  • 1 health pickup model with animation
  • 1 currency pickup model with animation
  • 3 grenade pickup models with animation
  • sounds for each weapon, pickup, hit, and explosion
  • UI for all the weapons, pickups, and misc controller and HUD elements
  • also included are all the scripts to implement the demo functionality



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