RPG Character Mecanim Animation Pack

RPG Character Mecanim Animation Pack


If you're looking for a complete set of high quality RPG Character animations, look no further!  

1398 polished and professional animations, with included gamepad compatible, physics based character controller script, ready to drop into your game!


Character is setup with Mecanim’s Humanoid configuration so you can easily swap your own characters in, and it also has support for full 5 finger hands to accommodate high detail models. The provided Animation Controller is clean and concise, or just plug the animations into your existing setup. Character uses Root Motion for precise movement tracking, with highly tweaked blending for perfect transitions.


Link to current asset update requests

  • 15 different fighting/movement styles/weapon types with included weapon models, character model, and set models.
    • 2 Handed Sword
    • 2 Handed Axe
    • 2 Handed Spear
    • 2 Handed Bow
    • 2 Handed Crossbow
    • Staff
    • Sword
    • Mace/Hammer
    • Dagger
    • Thrown
    • Shield
    • Left/Right/Dual Pistols
    • Unarmed
    • Swimming
    • Climbing
    • Rifle
    • Spear
    • Casting animations for Unarmed/Armed/Staff weaponstyles.
    • Full Mecanim Humanoid Skeleton with full 5 finger hand support.
    • Built-in Headlook controller.
    • Clean concise Animator Controller ready to hook into you code.
    • Full featured, physics based rigidbody Character controller.
    • New InputSystem control scheme for use with any gamepad.


    For a video showing a character setup example, please watch: 


    Update 7.1.0: Add Unarmed R and L Cast animations.  Add Block-Break1 animations to all stances. Add Relax-Crouch-Idle, Relaxed-Walk-Female 1&2, Unarmed-Run-Forward2 animations.  Update inconsistent poses in Relax, Unarmed, Armed, and Armed-Shield stances and clean up movement animations in those directories. Rename Shooting, Staff, and Shield animations.  Misc animation and Animation Controller tweaks.  Remove Blender files.

    Update 7.0.5: Fix swimming bug.

    Update 7.0.4: Fix movement on slopes. Misc animation fixes and tweaks.

    Update 7.0.3: Update SuperCharacterController example files to work Input independently. Update Navigation to properly set animator parameter on stopping..

    Update 7.0.2: Add missing Shooting-Stunned animation and update Animation Controller.  Update Preset files and misc code comments.

    Update 7.0.1: Corrected Unarmed-Run-Forward animation offset. Fixed bugs with Instant Weapon Switch and Weapon Switch while running.

    Update 7.0.0: Add Relax Run direcitonal animations and allow facing while running in Relax state.  Update PerfectLookAt. Modify Avatar for thumb positions.  Fix Shield, Air Attack bugs, Navigation issue. Other misc code tweaks.

    Update 6.9.1: Fix Bow Aiming and weapon switching bugs. Separate Super Character Controller classes. Add 2 shield attack animations.

    Update 6.9.0: Update Navigation code and add NPC prefab. Update Cllimbing code and tweak Ladder climb animations. Add WalkWithStaff animations. Move Demo Elements folder. Misc code and import setting changes.

    Update 6.8: Allowing moving weapon switching between Relax and all other states.  Also allow weapon switching while crouching.  Fix crawl animation poses and IKHands while crawling. Disallow double jumping option. Format debug information easier to read in console. Fix 180 turn lock. Fix weapon switching bug. Tweak Unarmed weapon switch animations and Crouch staff animations.

    Update 6.7: Added Relax Jumping animations and changed so Falling in Relax states stays in same state. Added Dodge Backward animations for all weapontypes.

    Update 6.6: Added crouched movement animations for all weaponstyles.  Renamed ______-Idle-Crouch animations to _______-Crouch-Idle.  Added Blender package in Models/Characters/Blender. Re-organize folders and misc. script updates.

    Update 6.5: MAJOR - This update changes the core controller leftWeapon and rightWeapon from integer values into proper enums for better performance, consistency, and to make the weapon switching code easier to follow. It also creates enum lookups for all the animations for similar benefits and converts many strings into ints. Some methods have been separated out into Extentsion classes for Weapon and Animator functions. The Animator itself has undergone a good deal of change as all the Relax animations are now renamed with "Relax", and some of the parameters have changed (LeftRight and Attackside are now just "Side", and the "Shield" parameter is removed.) These are very large changes that cascade throughout the code, so it's best to make a backup of your project if you intend to update.

    Its now possible to switch 1Handed weapons with a single animation using "singleAnimSwitch" and "singleAnimSwitchDual" bools in RPGCharacterWeaponController.cs. Charging with a Shield now properly blends. Weapons are hidden automatically when begin crawling. New Relaxed turn 90 degrees and proper Unarmed turn 180 degree animations. Many weapon/shield bugs were also fixed and other various bug fixes. Also added and updated documentation. All nomral Idle animations can now be dulled to have less motion. Set all Materials to Standard for easier conversion to URP. Added debug options on several components.

    Update 6.4: Separate Landing .fbx. Added Bone based Character model for Blender. RPGCharacte.fbx now importable in Blender. FIXED: When the character is in the Relax state, if you equip 2 identical weapons (mace, dagger, sword) then it is not possible to make only a left or right attack, only the dual wield attack is possible. FIXED: switching to Unarmed from another weapon besides Relaxed keeps that weapon state. Added Air Control when falling option. FIXED: Strafing target isn't working. FIXED: facing lerp not properly working.

    Update 6.3: Add Weapon switching while moving. Add punching while moving. (Unarmed) Add Crawling from Crouched. Add Drunk/Zombie animations. (not in animator) Add 180 Turn animations. Add looping swim up/down animations. (not in animator) Fix some Animator connections. Misc script and animation edits. 

    Update 6.2: Fix some Animator connections. Add IKHands features. Misc script edits.

    Update 6.1: MAJOR -
    Re-write entire codebase to decouple components, switch to event based method calls, consolidate animator calls to single class, reformat text. Animator cleaned up to use int based trigger system, removed a few booleans, tweak blends and connections. Re-pose ALL 2Hand Axe animations. Add Knockback, knockdown, diveroll animations to all weapon styles. Add proper Unarmed and Shooting GetHit animations. Switch input system to InputManager by default, provide optional InputSystem package. Add object based aiming for shooting weapons. Tweak Run Forward animations for most weapon styles. Update IKHands functionality. Re-organize project folders and add 38 pages of documentation.

    Update 6.0: Change controls to use Unity's InputSystem.  Fix issue with IKHands script.

    Update 5.9: Add OnAnimatorMove for Root Motion tracking.  Setup Inputs as presets. Clean up scripts and GUI.

    Update 5.8: Fix Blocking. Fix Aiming. Adjust Unarmed animations. Switch starting state to Unarmed. Remove outline meshes. Organize folders.

    Update 5.7: Move Animation Events to stand-alone script which is automatically added.  Modify Prefab setup to make it easier to swap custom models in, allow some components to be removed without errors.  Adjust Armed animation idles.

    Update 5.6: Update package to Unity 2019.1.0b8.  Fix some animations, update a few animations, and fix immediate conversation stop.

    Update 5.5: Update package to Unity 2017.4.31f1.

    Update 5.4: Update package version to Unity 2017.1.  Fix some layer warnings and update some animation import settings.

    Update 5.3: Allow 2handed running attack animations.  Fix mis-exported Crossbow animations.

    Update 5.2: Change scripts so that GUIControls and NavMeshAgent components can be removed without issues.

    Update 5.1: Armed boost animation, fix climbing and sit start/end poses, remove club weapon style (use 2hand sword instead), export all animations with root motion node, consolidate perfectlookat script, misc animation and animator fixes and tweaks.

    Update 5.0: Fix movement blend trees.  Fix and adjust animator connections and blends.  Fix script errors.

    Update v4.9: Integrate Super Character Controller.  Split character controller into multiple scripts for ease of update and replacing.  Add jump flip animations for all weapon styles.  Add swimming animations and tweak swimming.  Change controller default buttons.  IKhands now integrated into controller and automatically blends for 2handed weapons.  Update character avatar to use Tpose for initial rig setup.  Multiple animation and animator adjustments.

    Update v4.8: Update Headlook controller.  Add jumping and running attack animations for melee weaponstyles.

    Update v4.7: Add Unarmed sprinting animation.  Add idle alert animations for all weaponstyles and Unarmed.

    Update v4.6: Add global animation speed adjustment, Add Rifle/Crossbow blocking animations, add Rifle bayonet and butt hit animations, add Yes / No emote animations, Boost/Victory animations for all weaponstyles.

    Update v4.5: Replace many Animator triggers with Integer selection and single trigger per type of action, and update many Animator connections with updated parameters.  Add bowing animations.

    Update v4.4: Add 2nd Kick animation for all Weapon/Fight styles. Fix 2hand club Animator settings.

    Update v4.3: Add crouch idles for all weapon styles.

    Update v4.2: Clean up / optimize weapon switching code.

    Update v4.1:  Add Dual Sheath/Unsheath animations.  Reorganize animator, remove 'Armed' property.

    Update v4.0: Add talking animations. Set Relax as default state, create transitions to Unarmed and Relaxed states, modify Relax animation stance.

    Update v3.9: Fix climbing, add slope navigation, misc fixes.

    Update v3.8: Hip Sheath/Unsheath animations, charge animations, clean up roll animation blends / fix issue, tweak some Spear and Sword attack animations.

    Update v3.7: Injured walk animations.

    Update v3.6: Clean up/streamline animator by switching to state transitions and allow for easier state blending. Injured idle animations. Hook up custom pistol idle animations for Armed stance. Improve jump blends.

    Update v3.5: Directional Aiming for Rifle and Crossbow.

    Update v3.4: Directional aiming animations for 2Handed Bow and bow pull blend, directionally blended firing animations, fallDelay for small drops and going down slopes to stop triggering fall state, fix casting animation event timings, further abstract inputs, update documentation.

    Update v3.3: Add Buff, AOE, and Summoning casting animations.

    Update v3.2: Add instant weapon switching option. Make all casting animations loopable.

    Update v3.1: Add requested dodging animations for all weapon styles.

    Update v3.0: Add turning animations for all weapon styles.

    Update v2.9: Add relaxed walk/run blend. Adjust Bow/Crossbow Idle pose, adjust animation movement blendings.

    Update v2.8: Add running Attacks for Armed fight style. Fix some scripting bugs.

    Update v2.7: Add 2Hand Bow Blocking animations. Fix misc weapon switching and attacking with Shield bugs. Add Unarmed Roll Forward Loop animation, and TurnL and TurnR animations.

    Update v2.6: Add requested Sleeping animation, fix Animator transition errors, add basic NavMeshAgent support, adjust Relax idle animation.

    Update v2.5: Add requested Pistol reload animations.

    Update v2.4: Re-export all animations without meshes in the .fbx. Correct some misc. animation/export issues. Add diagonal shooting strafe animations.

    Update v2.3: Add 2Hand Sword overhand throw attack. Add alternate shooting animations. Add Crossbow reload animation, spear throw animation. Add directional running animations for all fightstyles.

    Update v2.2: Add Revive animations for all fightstyles.

    Update v2.1: Add more requested Sword and 2Hand sword attacks.

    Update v2.0: Add Pickup and Activate animations to all weapon styles. Add requested Sword and 2Hand sword attacks.

    Update v1.9: Add diagonal strafe animations to all the fightstyles. Fix some weapon switching and climbing code.

    Update v1.8: Add animation events to Movement, Attack, and Casting/Shooting animations. Clean up some animations and add root motion to some translation animations.

    Update v1.7: Add ladder climbing.

    Update v1.6: Add new Club and 1 handed Spear fightstyles and models. Added 2Handed Spear animations and Shield bash animation. Fix issue with weapon switching after Swimming.

    Update v1.5: Add Rifle weapon type and directional movement and aiming.

    Update v1.4: Add camera rotation control and requested Sit/Stand animations.

    Update v1.3: Adjust control script for camera relative movement and abstracted inputs for easier script hookup for outside controllers. Added requested Shield-Run-Block animation and IK hands script for adjusting hand placement on weapons for different proportioned arms/weapons.

    Update v1.2: Added swimming and female walk. Fixed a few issues with Animator referencing incorrect animations.

    Update v1.1: Added 9 pistol animations for Left/Right/Dual attacks.

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