Unreal RPG Character Animations

Unreal RPG Character Animations


If you're looking for a complete set of high quality RPG Character animations, look no further! 

1069 polished and professional animations, rigged to the Epic Skeleton.


15 different fighting/movement styles/weapon types:

  • 2 Handed Sword
  • 2 Handed Axe
  • 2 Handed Spear
  • 2 Handed Bow
  • 2 Handed Crossbow
  • 2 Handed Rifle
  • 2 Handed Staff
  • Unarmed
  • 1 Handed Sword Left/Right
  • 1 Handed Mace/Hammer Left/Right
  • 1 Handed Dagger Left/Right
  • 1 Handed Thrown Weapons Left/Right
  • 1 Handed Spear Right
  • Left/Right/Dual Pistols
  • Shield



Ladder Climbing

Ledge Climbing

Casting animations for Unarmed/1 Handed/2 Handed Staff weapon styles.

General walking, talking, drinking, bow, nod, laydown, sit, pickup, drunk, etc.


Note: These are provided as raw animation files without any Blueprints or controller.


Update v1.1: Added 8 directional Crouched Walk animations for all weapons types. Renamed ____-Idle-Crouch animations to ____-Crouch-Idle and renamed Shooting animations to remove duplicate "Shooting" text.

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