Ninja Warrior Mecanim Animation Pack


A complete set of 62 polished and professional Ninja Warrior animations, setup as a Mecanim Humanoid with included Xbox360 gamepad compatible character controller script, ready to drop into your game.

Character is setup with Mecanim’s Humanoid configuration so you can easily swap your own characters in, and it also has support for full 5 finger hands to accommodate high detail models.  The provided Animation Controller is clean and concise, or just plug the animations into your existing setup.  Character uses Root Motion for precise movement tracking and anti-foot slipping, with highly tweaked blending for perfect transitions.


  • 62 High quality animations, with more added upon request.
  • Full Mecanim Humanoid Skeleton with full 5 finger hand support.
  • Clean concise Animator Controller ready to hook into you code.
  • Fully featured Character controller with physics and Xbox360 gamepad support.
  • Stationary _S versions of all translating animations for use with Ultimate Fighting Engine and other similar implementation approaches incase you want programmatic motion control.


Animation List:

  1. Attack1
  2. Attack2
  3. Attack3
  4. AttackR1
  5. AttackR2
  6. Block
  7. BlockBreak
  8. BlockHitReact
  9. DashBackward
  10. DashForward
  11. DashLeft
  12. DashRight
  13. Death
  14. Fall
  15. Idle
  16. Idle-Relax
  17. Idle-Relax-ToSit
  18. Idle-Relax-Sit
  19. Idle-Relax-FromSit
  20. Idle-Stand
  21. Jump
  22. JumpForward
  23. Ledge-Catch
  24. Ledge-Climb
  25. Ledge-Drop
  26. Ledge-Idle
  27. Ledge-Left
  28. Ledge-Right
  29. LightHit
  30. MoveAttack1
  31. RangeAttack1
  32. RangeAttack2
  33. RangeAttack3
  34. Revive
  35. Run
  36. Run-Sheathed
  37. SpecialAttack1
  38. SpecialAttack2
  39. Stealth-Forward
  40. Stealth-Idle
  41. Stealth-Roll-Backward
  42. Stealth-Roll-Forward
  43. Stealth-Roll-Left
  44. Stealth-Roll-Right
  45. Stealth-Wall-Exit
  46. Stealth-Wall-Idle
  47. Stealth-Wall-Left
  48. Stealth-Wall-Right
  49. Stealth-Wall-Start
  50. Stunned
  51. Walk
  52. WalkBackward
  53. WalkForward
  54. WalkForward-Relax
  55. WalkLeft
  56. WalkRight
  57. WeaponUnsheath
  58. WeaponSheath


Update v3.1: Add animation events to all animations.

Update v3.0: Fix controller dashing. Add missing _S stationary versions of animations.

Update v2.9: Add requested diagonal walking animations.

Update v2.8: Separate Swords.

Update v2.7: Re-export animations without mesh data.

Update v2.6: Update code for camera relative movement. Adjust blending and transitions.

Update v2.5: Added requested RangeAttack3 animation.

Update v2.4: Added requested sitting animations.

Update v2.3: Added fully physics support for character controller, and added variable movement speed and animation blending.

Update v2.2: Added requested Idle-Stand animation.

Update v2.1: Added requested BlockBreak animation.

Update v2.0: Added Idle-Relax and Walk-Forward-Relax animations for putting away weapons.

Update v1.9: Added Attack3_S version as requested.

Update v1.8: Added 1 extra attack animations into 3 hit combo attack chain.

Update v1.7: Added requested Shuriken throw and smoke bomb animations.

Update v1.6: Added 2 new Attack animations as requested, and 1 new chaining attack animation.

Update v1.5: Add Stealth movement/rolls, wall sneaking, ledge hanging. 17 animations total.

Update v1.4: Add Weapon Sheath/Unsheath and Fall animations upon request. Make dash animations all equal distance.

Update v1.3: Change motion to be camera relative. Make directional dodging relevant to character facing.

Update v1.2: Add bonus Ninja Warrior character.

Update v1.1: Add missing Jump_S anim, fix block controls, adjust
movement controls.